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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources

The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) officially launched a new networking service for educators on March 9, 2007.  According to a recent eSchoolNews article the Open Educational Resources Commons is: A new online resource gives teachers and students free access to more than 8,000 digital learning materials. Educators and students

A More Reliable Wikipedia?

It appears that Wikipedia, the often maligned and misunderstood experiment in democratic collaborative intelligence, is undergoing some serious metacognitive reflection.  Two essays have appeared on Wikipedia that attempt to assess the efficacy of this experiment: Wikipedia is failing Wikipedia in not failing The articles are a fascinating self-assessment.  As intriguing as the essays are the

Do you Diigo?

So, you’ve shared and commented on your bookmarks with Furl, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites.  They are pretty fantastic ways for individuals and groups to share the resources they have found online.  Diigo (dee’ go) takes the social bookmarking to a new level.  Diigo is all about "social annotation."  With Diigo you can

Time to Take Down The Lights–Soon!

Those whose browsers showed the holiday spirit now need to consider taking down the lights.  In Firefox, you can choose a theme that customizes the icons.  This holiday, I used the Tinseltown theme, which showed lights and candy canes. To get this theme, or to change the theme as I’m going to do for the


What a great Good Friday! This has been a fantastic week! I heard from Putnam County trainers about sessions they completed this week, which have been posted to the calendar. Shelley Thompson did a fun session on Mining for Gems in unitedstreaming at Mellon Elementary. I spent Wednesday afternoon on a webinar with Matt Monjan

Cosmeo with Me

Have you heard of Cosmeo yet? Seen the commercials, like the one that aired during American Idol last week? Did you hear the buzz at the FETC conference? Obviously one such school has! Darlene Wolfe from Ocoee High School has been corresponding with Joel Jacobson to work out how Cosmeo can reach the Ocoee Students.They