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SciCon Archives

SciCon Archives

You want archives from this year’s SciCon?  You got ’em!  Visit the SciCon 2011 page to view archives from three of the sessions as well as Reed Timmer’s closing presentation (embedded below). Did you attend this year’s SciCon?  If so, what were your takeaways from the day?  Have you tried anything you heard in the

Shatter the Myths Webinar Archive

Where do your students get their information about drugs – their friends – the Internet? Is this information reliable? Confused about the effects of marijuana and prescription drugs? Some reports say they are bad for you while others say they can help cure an individual. Learn the facts from Dr. Susan Weiss and shatter some

Investigation Discovery Presents Sara Paretsky

In 1982,  Sara Paretsky revolutionized the mystery world when she created female investigator, V.I. Warshawski. V.I. uses her wits… and her fists to make her way in life. With the creation of V.I., Paretsky challenged a genre in which women typically were either presented as vamps or victims. Not only has Paretsky’s own work broken

Virtual Conference Archives posted!

Six hours worth of fantastic professional development have now been converted and posted!  You’ll find sessions from Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, Kyle Schutt, Porter Palmer, Whitney Mihoulidies, and Steve Dembo, all available for viewing online or download. Did you attend the Virtual Conference?  If so, share a highlight or two from the event in the

Energy Balance 101

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation just announced the launch of a new online curriculum powered by Discovery Education. Promoting ways to help young people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance – calories in and calories out – this curriculum is now available at no cost to educators at www.energybalance101.com This engaging new curriculum, jointly developed