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The Social Side of Bookmarking

The Social Side of Bookmarking

Free your “Favorites” from your computer. Use Social Bookmarking to be as mobile as you are. See who likes the same sites as you anytime, anywhere, as well as collaboration options to keep in touch with those folks too. We will take a look at Delicious, Diigo (new features too), along with an introduction of

Microblogs and EDU – Making the Most of 140 Characters

What’s a Tweet and why should you care? And what does that really have to do with education? Jeff O’Hara, the founder of the educational social network Edmodo, takes us through a history of microblogging and shares his perspective regarding why it is significant to educators and students. Then we take a deeper dive into

Lights, Camera, Education!

Build on your basic Digital Storytelling skills by learning virtually from Hollywood filmmakers. The American Film Institute sought to make the ‘language of film’ accessible for educators to empower them to harness the appeal of Digital Storytelling in their classrooms. The multimedia educational resource Lights, Camera, Education! is the result. Hosted by actor Sean Astin,

Making Curricular Connections with Digital Storytelling

Let your students use the familiar vehicles of commercials, public service announcements, the movies, documentaries and interviews (real and staged) to make learning come alive. Imagine Pythagoras selling his theorem on late night TV and throwing in the circumference of a circle if you call in the next 20 minutes. How about a book report

Archive from Don Tapscott webinar

If you missed the Don Tapscott webinar last week, here’s your chance to see it!  You’ll definitely want to give it a view, because we have a very special offer for you that we’ll be announcing on Monday.  Enjoy the archive and check back in to see what else we have cooking. The world needs