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Daniel Pink and Joe Brennan, now available in the archives.

Daniel Pink and Joe Brennan, now available in the archives.

What a fantastic week for webinars! On Tuesday, Joe Brennan took us on a Next Steps tour of Digital Storytelling, making stops at includes stops at external sound input, the “Ken Burns” effect of moving around a still picture, editing and easy special effects, and a look at the ever popular green screen/chroma key effect.

Archive of DEN Webinars

I am THRILLED at all the excitement that has been generated by tomorrow’s EdTechConnect webinar featuring Daniel Pink. Many of you have asked me about the webinar archives.  Thanks to Kristin Hokanson, who Twittered me the URL a few minutes ago, I can answer your question. If you miss the webinar or want to listen

A Whole New Webinar

I’m really excited for the EdTEchConnect webinar with Daniel Pink this week. If you haven’t read Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, yet, you just absolutely need to. Every educator, parent, and student should take the time to read it. Last Tuesday, when RJ Stangherlin, Lance Rougeux, and I provided testimony to the Senate

Explore the new DEN site and blog engine with me

Tomorrow, I’ll be both your host and presenter for a whirlwind tour of the new DEN website and blog engine!  Come learn what’s new, what’s different, and how you can leverage the new features to make collaboration even easier.   Additionally, get a walk through of the new blog engine, which I know you’re going to

Experiencing Webinar Withdrawal?

So, you’re in summer mode . . . the classroom is a hazy memory . . . images of beaches, vacations, and family time drift before your eyes . . . BUT, you still feel the inexorable pull of the computer and collegial dialogue.  If you are experiencing webinar withdrawal, DEN has put together an

Shoot for the Stars (Tomorrow)

I copied this from the DEN National Blog: Wow!  We have another great addition to tomorrow’s webinar that you and your students will definitely love. Allan Butler, Producer for The Science Channel, will now be joined by astronaut Ken Reightler.  Join us tomorrow, May 4th at 1 PM (EST) for this really special webinar and

Planet Earth Webinar

I just have to share with the rest of the PA DEN how fantastic the Planet Earth webinar with Dr. Penny Allen was this afternoon.  I enrolled my 7th period class of 9th graders.  In preparation for the webinar, we watched the "Pole to Pole" episode in class.  We did a little virtual touring with