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No MovieMaker, No iMovie, No Problem!

No MovieMaker, No iMovie, No Problem!

  Discovery Education streaming has over 5,000 videos with Editable rights.  This means you can download and then edit the contents of the video, from audio to the actual video itself.  What if your computer doesn’t have video editing software?  What can you do? Welcome to JayCut, an on-line video editing application.  No need to

A facebook Infused CNN

Just like some aging celebrities, CNN got a botox like injection of youth from the ever growing facebook yesterday.  “This is CNN”.     Isn’t the same without hearing James Earl Jones’ booming voice resonating the real message, “This is THE NEWS.”  For many, including me, CNN has been just that, THE NEWS.  It’s the channel to

Make a Splash with SplashCast!

Add Mike_Bryant’s channel to your page The above embed comes from SplashCast.  I’ve played around with this service for about a month now, unable to decide if it’s any better than some other tools out there.  On one hand, SplashCast allows you to throw a lot of different file types into a single presentation.  This

Tabbloid: A Web 2.0 app for non-Web 2.0 people!

If newspapers are old school, and aggregators are new school, then consider Tabbloid the rest area on the highway between the two.  Tabbloid is a simple Web 2.0 application that allows you to submit a set of RSS feeds along with an email address, and then have sent to you a newsletter via email that

Got games?

Ok so the GEEKYBIRD was searching the net the other day in search of interactive, neat, easy, and free templates that you could use in your classroom. Here is a five of the coolest ones that he found: EclipseCrossword.com With over 2,000,000 downloads it goes without saying…this tool is pretty cool. EclipseCrossword is a fast,

Speechable: Add speech bubbles to your images

I think the title says it all.  Sometimes, the best Web 2.0 sites are the simplest!  Speechable let’s you upload your images and add bubbles to them.  That’s it.  Wham bam, done. When you’ve finished one, you can either use their embed code to put it in your blog/website or just download it yourself.  I

StreamAthon Video Reposted – Quick Note

The YouTube video of “Dino Dude’s ‘The People Whisper’” is now reposted in the entry below.  I had initially posted it with a limit of 25 views, which was a blunder.  It is now up for everyone.  And, no, I didn’t break YouTube.  :).  When it’s ready, I’ll also post the PowerPoint and step bystep

Live from the StreamAthon!

This is the video we built.  The one that no one could see in the fabulous StreamAthon.  I realize it went fast.  Here are the tools and sites I used for “Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video (and Two You Did).”  With one exception, all the tools and sites are free.