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Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

So many amazing guesses.  I told you on the first post that this is a group with mighty brains.  So here you go.  The final hint and then I will be turning it over to Porter to announce the location and open the application process. Traveling to new elevations or hanging with Sue, there’s always a

Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

Next to last clue coming your way as we draw closer to the opening of registration for the DEN Summer Institute 2016. The dining options at DENSI always take me back. Be a part of the new generation and have breakfast with John, Dan and Bill. Just don’t order the eggs and I’d warn against asking for

Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

No matter where the DEN Summer Institute is, there’s always too little time spent together.  There’s so much to see and do.  So many ideas and so many great conversations. If you’ve never applied or apply every year to the DEN Summer Institute, I encourage you to this year. After this clue, you’ll have two final clues prior

Where is DENSI? It’s Here.

Keep the guesses coming and I’ll keep the hints flowing. This magnificent place, with an attitude of defiance. It’s no wonder the Picasso, van Gogh and Renoir could be found hanging around or on the prowl.   There are a lot of great places to hold the institute.  No matter where it’s held each year, being

Where’s DENSI? It’s here.

The guessing game continues, but now you get two clues a day. Keep up the work, we’ll announce soon. Beach towels and flip flops are required as we’ll spend evenings listening to the aqua waters crash into the sandy shore.   Turbulent waters gave rise to America’s Top Young Scientist Hannah Herbst’s project that derives energy from such

Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

Lots of great guesses coming in. Dean’s hint about the location having a vowel in it nearly gave it away.  If you need a little more help, you’re in luck.  It’s time for hint number two. State of raising bridges, where the reverse is the norm. Raising bridges sounds good, but what about designing them or