Bringing Industry Innovators to Classrooms with Career Connect by Discovery Education

At Discovery Education, we are always looking to meet educator’s needs. Educators require flexible, reliable, and high-quality services that fit in wherever learning takes place and really ignite student curiosity. We know that when students have early exposure to careers, it transforms how they explore and enter the workforce. Yet research shows that 83% of today’s learners can’t connect the skills they have and learn in school to future employment. Career Connect represents a new model in education in which career awareness and exposure start as a first stitch in the fabric of learning.

We’re offering a new solution that will drive student engagement by helping both educators and private sector partners better connect students to real-life experiences.

Career Connect is a groundbreaking new platform that connects educators to the industries, people, and skills that power our world. Career Connect breaks down barriers between companies and classrooms, directly connecting Discovery Education’s educators to our partners’ workforce like never before.

With Career Connect, teachers can request virtual classroom visits from industry professionals based on job types, industries, language preferences, and location. In addition, this new digital platform provides companies with a unique workforce development and employee engagement solution that supports their social impact strategy. Initial partners include Sanofi and Genentech whose workforce volunteers are currently on the platform ready to connect with educators.

Discovery Education is the worldwide education technology leader. Our K-12 team works to provide access to cutting-edge, multi-media curricular tools to our global audience of 4.5 million educators and 45 million students.

At Discovery Education, our work is amplified through private sector partnerships with over 75 like-minded companies and organizations bringing concepts of industry (like biotechnology, aerospace, modern agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, etc.) through no-cost, standards-aligned digital resources. With over 25 years of bringing innovative instructional tools and support to classrooms globally alongside industry-leading organizations, Discovery Education is the only organization with the existing infrastructure and educator trust to deliver such an ambitious reimagining of education.

We are always looking for ways for our partners to shed light on their industry and the durable skills needed to compete in today’s global market. Career Connect brings that to scale and empowers employees to feel the intrinsic value of leveraging their unique story to make a difference. Organizations partnering with Discovery Education to bring Career Connect are poised to improve employee engagement by simplifying skills-based volunteerism and offering employees rewarding experiences. Research demonstrates that employee volunteerism increases engagement, productivity, and overall sense of company mission.

And, for students, they learn the ‘why’ behind what they are learning in school in order to build on their transferrable skills as they grow in life and in their careers. Career Connect will assist with career exploration, equipping students with connections to the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their desired careers effectively by introducing them to the industry professionals they want to become. It’s an invaluable resource that helps classrooms explore different industries and career paths, ultimately helping them make informed decisions about their futures.

Today’s K-12 educators are in desperate need of meaningful and easy-to-implement career connectivity options. Likewise, the private sector seeks to build a future-ready workforce, highlight career opportunities, and drive social impact. Career Connect is the solution. 

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