DE Training Academy

Here is a page that outlines all of the PowerPoint Presentations that we explored during the first ever National Training Academy!

Building a Bigger Builder – The Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder and Writing Prompt Builder presentation
Building a Bigger Builder Presentation

Digital Storytelling with Photo Story 3
Photo Story 3 Step-by-Step

Making Movies with MovieMaker
MovieMaker Step-by-Step

Bonus – Using Green Screens within Adobe Premier Elements
Premier Elements Step by Step

Hall’s iPod Session
Check out this link!

Google Earth and Discovery Education streaming
Google Earth and DE streaming

Powerpoint and DE streaming
Powerpoint and DE streaming

Top Ten On-line Resources
Top Ten Online Resources

DEN Overview – What is the DEN?
What is the DEN?


  1. Vickie Lamb said:

    What a great training event!! We can’t wait to get back to train our teachers on all your wonderful products! Thanks for putting all the resources on your site and hosting such an awesome event!

  2. Todd Picard said:

    While driving back home from this AWESOME event, I had the chance to reflect on my time at the DE Training Academy (which was hard on I-95 North)and many thoughts came to mind. First, what an amazing group of people I had the chance to meet. From Lance & Matt, to all the wonderful people who attended the event. I know many of you work together and attend DE events and I can’t wait to see you all again soon. Second, the information gained in just 1 1/2 days is enough to fill years of time and enrich the lives of so many students. I can’t wait to experiment on my kids next year! Third, the commitment of Discovery Education to our kids and the future of our world. I was overwhelmed at the level of care and passion a company could have toward education. We need more “Discovery” type involvement in education from more places and people. And finally…Hall, where do you get your energy from? I wish every teacher and administrator could see you in person. Maybe then this thing called technology could really sink in. But since that can’t happen, I guess I’ll have to try and convince my little corner of the world myself. Thanks for a great event and for all your time and dedication. DISCOVERY EDUCATION ROCKS!!

  3. Karen Apolenis said:

    Thank you for a **wonderful** learning experience. I am excited to use all of the ideas that were shared!

    I loved the non-lateral Power Point session (Powerpoint and DE streaming)where we learned how to “magically” link to several videos all while making it seem like they were just appearing. I was excited to share with my other tech coaches. They also thought that the project was totally cool. 🙂 One shared the following tip which made the process even easier.
    Once you have made your first “hot spot” or “invisible” box, double click to format your shape. Select no fill and no line and check the “default for new objects” box. Now when you are creating your other hot spots, they too will already be invisible. You can also do this same process with action buttons.

    Thanks again for an awesome training event!

  4. Michael Hakkarinen said:

    This training was the most valuable event I’ve attended as an educator. The Discover Education team was not only able to introduce us to an invaluable resource and train us to effectively use their tools, but genuinely shift my approach to teaching with technology. Thank you to everyone involved at Discovery for the opportunity to learn with you.

  5. Cathleen Buyrn said:

    Last week’s training in Silver Spring was an amazing experience. I’m not sure anyone has the kind of energy the team at Discovery has. I have already got the faculty in my building excited about diving in and making better use of the resources Discovery has to offer. I’ll be sure to keep you posted about the progress.

    Thanks again to all of the DEN team members who worked so hard to make the two days an inspiring event.

  6. Tyrone Freeman, Jr. said:

    What a phenomenal experience! While the school year is coming to an end in two days, I am anxiously awaiting the start of the next school year. I cannot believe all of the outstanding features Discovery offers. I know that our students will truly fall out of their seats when they discover what they will be able to do within this world of “discovery”.

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