Thank you to everyone who took their time on Saturday to a part of our first annual DEN SCIcon. We have over 700 individual attendees from six different countries continually sharing information an ideas to enhance Science instruction. We have all of the videos of the presentations for your viewing below the description as well as links to the presentations themselves.

Saturday, January 9, 2010
9 AM to 4 PM ET

About DEN SCIcon

DEN SCIcon 2010 is an online conference (with a twist) focused on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their science classes through the meaningful and effective integration of digital media content. Join thousands of educators from around the world for an amazing day of professional development sessions, networking and sharing.

Download an informational flyer about DEN SCIcon to share with your colleagues.

Agenda (all times ET)

9 AM
Change the Present, Change the Future
with Lance Rougeux

In our opening session we present our overarching theme for the day – change.

Our students are leading the green revolution and sustainability is an engaging topic for every grade level and subject area. In order to engage our students in the curriculum and prepare them to be agents of change in the future we need to constantly assess our instructional strategies and the resources we employ. Help your students change the world every day by 3 o’clock using the digital tools they love. Customized placemarks in Google Earth and digital posters with Glogster. Virtual labs about alternative energy sources and digital storytelling projects with a green screen. You’ll learn a new idea for every day of the week.

Audience: General

Download the Powerpoint: Change the Present, Change the Future

10 AM
No Paper Left Behind: A New Age of Science Instruction
with Brad Fountain

Take your typical lesson and witness the power of a true multi-sensory teaching approach as we explore scienti?c concepts using a wealth of multimedia resources that engage students at the highest level. You will never feel the same about science again, nor will you ever teach it the same way.

Audience: DE Science and DE streaming

Download the Powerpoint: No Paper Left Behind

11 AM
Hands-On Digital
with Patti Duncan

Science class is just not science class without hands on activities. Getting “down and dirty” in the pursuit of knowledge can bring even the most reluctant student to the table. Using digital media in conjunction with these activities can really make your lessons punch. Computer simulations bring experiences not otherwise available to your students. This session will show you the power of using simulations and interactives to either introduce or reinforce the hands-on experience. Tying it all together in a nice, neat package that all students will want to unwrap!

Audience: DE Science

Download the Powerpoint: Hands on Digital
12 PM
Polar Bears in a Changing Climate
featuring STAR Discovery Educator Julene Reed

Polar bears and their habitat are affected by climate change, as are many other species and environments around the world. Through Challenge Based Learning, students can become actively involved in authentic, scientific studies, creatively design solutions, and take action to make a difference both locally and globally. Join Julene Reed during this session to learn how the polar bears in the Hudson Bay area are being affected by climate change, how Challenge Based Learning can engage students in related activities that are based on 21st century education skills, and how the”Tundra Connections” program from Polar Bears International is providing educators and students with live videoconferencing and webcast opportunities with scientists on the tundra as well as curriculum resources to inspire action and make a difference.

Audience: General

Download the Powerpoint: Polar Bears in a Changing Climate

Buggy and Lodge Video

Elizabeth Bailey Movie

Derocher Video

Iceage Video

Echo Horizon Video

Greenhouse Gases Video

Jane Goodall Video

Steve Amstrup Video

About Julene
Julene Reed is the Director of Academic Technology at St. George’s Independent School in Collierville, TN. Julene is a STAR Discovery Educator and Apple Distinguished Educator. She also serves on the Advisory Councils for Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and Polar Bears International. Her work with those organizations has taken her to Tanzania, to the subarctic in Canada, and to several European countries. Julene is the director of “Tundra Connections,” the educational initiatives for Polar Bears International which include online curriculum for the Apple Learning Interchange as well as live webcasts and videoconferences from the shores of the Hudson Bay where polar bear research is conducted in Manitoba.

Julene is actively involved with both global education and educational technology. She conducts keynote addresses, workshops, webinars, videoconferences, and other professional development training to educators, administrators, and service leaders internationally. Julene has authored educational content for Apple that is published on the Apple Learning Interchange as well as other educational publications. Julene received her Masters of Education in the area of Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Memphis and her Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Kansas.

1 PM
Where Do Old Sneakers Go to Die? Real-World Science
with Mike Bryant
Have your students ever asked you this question: “When am I going to use this in real life?” In this session, we’ll provide the answer as we use digital resources to investigate the science of everyday life.

Audience: DE Science and DE streaming

Download the Powerpoint: Where Do Old Sneakers Go to Die? Real-World Science

Mythbusters Chilli Peppers

Bill Nye: Where do Sneakers Go to Die?

2 PM
Teaching Process Skills with the Mythbusters
with Patti Duncan
Does a goldfish’s memory last longer than three seconds? Would a helium-filled football have more “hang time” than an air-filled ball? Bring the Mythbusters into your classroom to find out. In this session we’ll explore a variety of ways to teach process skills using video segments from the Mythbusters.

Audience: General

Download the Powerpoint: Teaching Process Skills with the Mythbusters

3 PM
Do Try This at Home: Fun, Easy and Effective Experiments for Your Students
with Mike Bryant and Brad Fountain
In our closing session we’ll stream out live to watch science in action as our DEN managers demonstrate several fun experiments that you can do with your students.

Audience: General


  1. Margie Guillot said:

    Are any of these workshops grade specific? We are an elementary school and I would like to know if these workshops are mostly targeted to middle/junior high/high school classes and teachers.


  2. Lance said:

    Regardless of what grade level(s) you teach the sessions will give you ideas to use in your classroom. Several of our sessions that include an audience tagged as DE Science will focus on creative ways to use DE Science for Elementary and Middle School.

  3. Tiffany said:

    I saw that lunch was included. Will there be vegetarian food, or should vegetarians come with thier own lunches?

    Thank You!

  4. Steven Wollins said:

    I registered last weekend and received an email that I would be receiving more information shortly.

    I have not received anything to date.

  5. Mariel Gomez de la Torre said:

    I really enjoyed the virtual conference. I have learned a lot of cool things to work with my ESL students.
    Thank you! and I am glad it is on a Saturday otherwise I couldn’t attend it.
    Thank you for giving your Saturday.

  6. Marlene Weaver said:

    Thank you for posting the recordings from the virtual conference. Even though I missed the event, I feel that I can benefit from the videos. There are so many great ideas shared here. This is such an amazing resource. I hope that you are able to host a conference like this more often than once a year.

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