Fall VirtCon 2010

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Many thanks to all of you that attended our Fall Virtual Conference!  And in particular, a huge thank you to each of our amazing Leadership Council members that organized in-person events for all of you to attend!


It’s Not the Technology, It’s the Education
Gail Lovely

Web 2.0 tools are cool. iPads, cell phones, netbooks, Flip cameras, and computers are too. But technology for technology’s sake isn’t always the most efficient way to reach our students. Learn how to choose the right tools to achieve the desired outcomes of increasing student learning.
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Out of This World Ideas for Showcasing Student Work
Porter Palmer

You can engage all types of learners and incorporate multiple subjects to make learning inviting and memorable. Learn how to use web-based tools like wikis, blogs, and other cool, free, cutting-edge technologies to engage your students while creating portfolios full of information to document and demonstrate learning in your classroom. Encourage writing, creativity, collaboration, and more with these ideas for publishing student work.
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Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World
Whitney Mihoulides

Digital storytelling entails much more than video editing; it involves traditional storytelling elements. This session will walk through those essential storytelling elements, as well as, explore various Web 2.0 applications for delivering information in a way that our digital natives are accustomed.
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Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Video – and Two You Did
Hall Davidson

The media tools of our century: Web 2.0 and webcams, mobile phones and real time media, social networks and engaging avatars. These, plus easy editors and media libraries, mean you can do more with the power of video than every before. Add captioning, chromakey, and more to help curriculum stick for the media-minded students you teach. A fast-paced tour of tools and techniques. Many are free, the rest reasonable. Applications for primary through high school.
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Digital Media, Formative Assessment, and the 21st Century Classroom
Kyle Schutt

We’re sure that you know about the increased motivation, engagement, and accessibility that digital media can provide in your classroom instruction. Let’s now see how digital media, collaborative environments, and formative assessment tools can be used together to create the ultimate 21st Century learning workspace. This session will demonstrate formative assessment tools like Progress Zone and its uses within classroom wikis to save you time while meeting students’ needs!
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DE Mobile: Student Access and the iPad
Steve Dembo

Sure they’re bright and shiny, but are they really learning devices? We’ll take a close look at how iPads and other iOS devices are being leveraged in the classroom and what the best Apps are for educational purposes… including the all new Discovery Educational mobile interface and the DE US Geography app!
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  1. Porter Palmer said:

    Hi Cathy,
    I’m not sure which FL event is closest to you, but the links are active now for you to register to attend an in-person event.

  2. Lisa Linn said:

    Would like to check out the CA location for registration, but there is no live link!

  3. Linda Swenson said:

    I would like to register for the New Rochelle session but the link is not active … is there an alternative way to register? Thanks.

  4. Michelle Whiddon said:

    I really want to at attend, but on the 23rd, I already have previous appointments that can not be rescheduled. Is there any way to get this information at another later day?

  5. Kat Staton said:

    I am bringing 5 educators to Area 51 @ One Discovery Place… Can’t wait!!

  6. Hall Davidson said:

    Have those cellphones with video cameras ready. We’ll SEE those costumes!

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  8. Ruth Still said:

    Because of family sports schedule today, I will no longer be able to attend any of the sessions. Are they going to be archived? I would love to be able to view any suggestions and ideas that are presented during this Spooktacular event. Thanks!

  9. Tammie said:

    Must be well-attended! I can’t get in! Only see the “one moment please” screen! I’ll look forward to seeing the archives!

  10. Mauri Dufour said:

    Awesome day of technology fun and great tips and ideas! Can’t wait to share with my staff.

  11. Tracie Belt said:

    Christine Scoby and Claudia McIvor helped make the St. Petersburg and excellent in person event. We had a great turn out and a lot of fun with all the teachers we met and shared ideas with.

  12. Lynne Pike said:

    Awesome event! Looking forward to looking at all of the presentations again online, especially the ipad! Thanks to those who made this happen. 🙂

  13. Sarah Thompson said:

    Had a great time learning about even more new and exciting things to engage my students!!
    Thanks for such a great event!

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  16. Steve Dembo said:

    Hey Shambles, those embed codes can be found within the DEN Educator Resources if you have a DE Login. Just do a search for VirtCon and it’ll come up. If you don’t have a login, email me and tell me what videos you want embed codes for and I’ll send them over to you.

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  18. Sharon Sulentor said:

    Hi, I attended the Fall Conference at the Anaheim location. Any word on how to obtain a certificate, verifying my joining the group?

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  20. rick stimpson said:

    I participated in the Den Tech or Treat Fall Virtual Conference.How can I obtain a certificate? Thanks

  21. sabra ferreira said:

    Hello I attend three hours of this webinar and did not print my particpation letter, how can i access it now to print? thank you Sabra Ferreira

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  23. Shehroze said:

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