Fall Virtual Conference

Over a thousand educators from all over the country connectedduring this unique professional development experience where people could attend in-person, online or both!  The DEN Virtual Conference provided a unique opportunity to learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into your instruction as well as discover an abundance of resources to expand your own personal learning network.

Attendees had the flexibility to attend the DEN Virtual Conference online or in-person at one of many regional events hosted by the DEN Leadership Councils.

Virtual Presentation Schedule

Each sessions at the virtual conference were archived and are now available for download.  Click on the name of a presentation to download it to your computer!

9 AM edt
Raise You’re Hand if You’re a Rock Star  (download the slides)
Steve Dembo

Over 15 million blogs? More than 3 million Twitter users? Over 150,000 podcasts in iTunes? It may seem like there’s so much information out there already that you have nothing to contribute. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The opportunities to be an innovator and expert have never been greater than they are right now. Seemingly ordinary, average, every day teachers are standing up and becoming Rock Star… and you can too!10 AM edt
No Mind Left Behind: Using Media to Reach Your Students
Jannita Demian and Matt Monjan

Has the art of teaching been lost for the science of instructing? Are we engaging or enraging students’ minds? By applying Howard Gardner’s work, Five Minds for the Future, we’ll explore how to use media including video, sound, and web 2.0 to foster lifelong learners and ensure no mind is left behind.11 AM edt
Understanding Your Students’ iBrains
Brad Fountain

The increased use of technology by students at all age ranges is having a profound impact on our brain physically. Neural connections are being made that prior to now did now exist. What does this mean for teachers, students, and parents? Is it possible for digital immigrants to ever catch up?12 PM edt
Power Up Your Professional Learning Network
Jennifer Dorman

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if all teachers had a “Magic Eight Ball” that we could turn to every time we had a question about instructional practice, technology or learning theory? It would provide resources, anecdotal experiences, practical application, and much more. Through the connective and collaborative power of online technologies we have access to a vast and vibrant network of educators that are infinitely more qualified than a Magic Eight Ball to provide ongoing, timely support and encouragement. Learn to Power Up your professional learning network with customized and interactive Web 2.0 applications.1 PM edt
Moving Beyond the Information Age
Scott Kinney

We live in an age where information on nearly every topic is only a few keystrokes away. Content consumers across the globe, and students in our very own classrooms, interact with content fundamentally differently than five years ago. As a result, academic success can no longer be defined as the recitation of mere facts and figures. Instead, the degree to which our students access global expertise, engage with content, and create meaning becomes increasingly important.2 PM edt
It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cellphones
Hall Davidson

The technology wave that follows the web? Mobile. Cellphones text faster than email, spread video faster than cameras, and webcast in real time. They show assignments, document work, translate voice to text, podcast and interface with Web 2.0. Best thing: you and your students carry them
already! Explore which features adapt to educational goals. Examples are out there. The wave is here. Let’s learn to ride!3 PM edt
Raise You’re Hand if You’re a Rock Star (encore)
Steve Dembo

4 PM edt
No Mind Left Behind: Using Media to Reach Your Students (encore)
Jannita Demian and Matt Monjan

5 PM edt
Understanding Your Students’ iBrains
Brad Fountain


  1. Linda Hughitt said:

    Where are the local events this year?? It would be really nice to know as soon as possible.

  2. Melissa McBride said:

    I will be hosting a South Florida event on October 25th on PGA Blvd.! Everyone who would like to attend is welcome!


  3. Lisa Wickman said:

    Michigan is hosting a face2face in Haslett. Another is planned for Macomb Co.

  4. Neene said:

    New York will be hosting some in person events that day too. Stay tuned for more details on the NY DEN Blog.

  5. Massimo Marini said:

    Can these events be simulcast at the DEN second Life auditorium?

  6. Tim Childers said:

    We’re hosting a meeting in Nashville at the Discovery Education Assessment Headquarters. Follow the TN blog for more details. Updated later today.

  7. Lori said:

    Can’t wait, should be another great DEN experience networking with everyone!

  8. Charlene said:

    Illinois educators, we’ll be hosting on Oct. 25 at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, details soon on the IL DEN Blog!

  9. Christine Beck said:

    Will the conference have play backs? I can attend live part of the day but have obligations in the afternoon. Thanks. Chris

  10. Gary said:

    How many CE hours will be awarded for online-only completion? How will we receive ce credit?

  11. Tanya said:

    I am hosting a face to face meeting in Goodland, KS at the tech bldg for our district teachers. Any other teachers nearby are welcome to attend. Send me an e-mail: tgray352@gmail.com

  12. Mary Tisue said:

    How much is this? Can we do it online? Anything close to the Quad Cities (Rock Island/Moline, IL /Davenport,IA/Bettendorf, IA) or have we missed them? ASAP please

  13. Tonya Wilson, NJ DEN STAR LC said:

    The Collingswood, NJ in-person event was great. Participant enjoyed themselves. Thanks, Lance, Shannon, and the DEN!!

  14. Adrienne said:

    Wish I would have known 🙁
    Just received this email on Nov 5th and unfortunately missed a 2 day event in August in NJ close to my home.

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