Geocaching Day 2010

On May 22, 2010 we will host our second annual DEN Geocaching Day! Every Discovery Educator is encouraged to venture out with some colleagues on May 22 and have some fun geocaching as you connect with your fellow educators one more time before the summer. Do you want to join us?

For muggles (non-geocachers) and pros alike, STAR Discovery Educators will host a series of webinars in May to get us ready. The webinars will answer the basic questions of “What is gecoaching?” and “How do I get started?” as well as emphasize the curricular connections of geocaching.

This year, we’re offering two different webinars:

Geocaching 101
Monday, May 3 @ 7pm ET (Presented by STAR Jim Clark. Resources from the webinar.)
Thursday, May 13 @ 7pm ET (Presented by STAR Bridget Belardi. Resources from the webinar.)

Curricular Connections of Geocaching
Thursday, May 6 @ 7pm ET (Presented by STAR Conni Mulligan. Conni’s presentation.)
Monday, May 19 @ 7pm ET (Presented by STAR Tom Turner. Registration link)

So now that you have a resource to get you started, what exactly will the day look like? Well, we have a group of DEN Guides (experienced geocachers) who have agreed to host events in their areas.

For groups that register (i.e., those that have a DEN guide to lead them and have filled out the short form), we will help you out with lunch and send a special DEN geocoin your way.

Here are the current sites with DEN Guides. If you’d like to attend one of these events, contact the DEN Guide listed.

Batesville, AR
DEN Guide: Karen Wells
Register here.

Lake Wales, FL
DEN Guide: Cathy Hammel

Cedar Rapids, IA
DEN Guide: Jane Suiter

Bourbonnais, IL
DEN Guide: Tracy Selock
Register here.

Olathe, KS
DEN Guide: Amy Cordova
Register here.

Wichita, KS
DEN Guide: Jim Clark
Register here.

Shreveport, LA
DEN Guide: Susan Tompkins

Pocomoke City, MD
DEN Guides: Chris Cuppett and Karen Apolenis
Register here.

Battle Creek, MI
DEN Guide: John Phillips
Register here.

West Bloomfield, MI
DEN Guide: Cindy Carson
Register here.

Goldsboro, NC
DEN Guide: Lee Yahnker

New Bern, NC
DEN Guide: Kelly Hines
Register here.

Pisgah Forest, NC
DEN Guide: Conni Mulligan
Register here.

Williamson, NY
DEN Guide: Heidi Montondo

Bushy Run Battlefield, PA
DEN Guide: Linda Michael
Register here.

Grove City, PA
DEN Guide: Jan Abernethy
Register here.

Kennett Square, PA
DEN Guide: Robin Martin

Allentown, PA
DEN Guide: Chris Champion
Register here.

Charleston, SC
DEN Guide: Jessica Donaldson and Amy Dent
Register here.

Carrollton/Dallas, TX
DEN Guide: Laura Gonzalez
Register here.

Houston, TX
DEN Guide: Adalia Davis
Register here.

Pearland, Alvin, Manvel TX
DEN Guide: Mark Dunk
Register here.

Richland, WA
DEN Guide: Julie Lowery


  1. Cathy Hammel said:

    I am participating in this year’s GeoCaching day again. I was wondering when it was scheduled for and am glad I have not missed it. My students will be GeoCaching that previous week. Very excited and looking forward to it. I will have a event posted on my facebook page for anyone in the Lake Wales, FL area to sign up to attend.

  2. Robyn H said:

    Will you be archiving the geogaching webinar? It would be great if you did.

  3. Karen Wells said:

    Porter, When should we get our geocoins? How many will you send? I’m trying to think of great hiding places for them!

  4. Cynthia Will said:

    Is it too late to sign up for geocaching in Charlotte this weekend?

  5. Tracy Caulder said:

    I am planning to attend the event in Goldsboro, NC but there is no link to register for it. What do I need to do to get registered?


  6. Karen Wells said:

    Thanks for organizing this event. This was a first-time Discovery event for some of my participants. They are really excited to learn more about how Discovery can help them strengthen their professional careers.

  7. Tracy Caulder said:

    Awesome event in Goldsboro! Thank you to DE and our event hostess for hosting a Geocaching Day and getting the word out there about geocaching!!

  8. Cathy Hammel said:

    My group had a great time. This was my second time hosting and I doubled my attendance from last year. Thanks again for sponsoring this great event and I look forward to next year!

  9. Candace Klapmuts said:

    I would like to be a Guide for next year’s event! MY family and I GeoCache and there wasn’t anyone from NJ listed as a guide for this year’s event. Unfortunately I missed it but I would like to be involved next year.

  10. Chris Taylor said:

    I would also like some information about being a guide. I am from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia–we have many caches in our area–also around the Outer Banks of NC which is not far from us.

  11. Gail Novaco said:

    Next year, I would be glad to lead a geocaching event. My high school advisory has a cache in our local park, and we even have a travel bug that has left CT and is now in Germany.

  12. Lynne Pike said:

    Chris, I’m glad to see someone from VA volunteered (I wondered why we didn’t have anyone) and I can help in the Shen Valley. I geocache with students here all the time and we have many caches in our area, too! I’m in Harrisonburg.

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