Integration Station

Let’s start simple for integration tips. We will expand on these as the year progresses, but for many teachers this may be your first time using science so start with the basics.

  • If you have not seen our newly created 20 ways to integrate Discovery Education Science, here it is and it is a great starting place: 20 Ways to Integrate Science


  • Another fun activity uses the “How Big is Your Footprint” virtual lab. Have the students complete the lab, which can be found in Science by searching for “footprint”. Have students use the Carbon Footprint Calculator to determine their own carbon footprint and then discuss ways to reduce it. Use the data from the “How Big is Your Footprint” lab and the Carbon Footprint Calculator to determine the most effective ways to reduce their footprint.
  • Take advantage of student access and create and inquiry activity for your students. You might try asking your students to research information about air pressure, mass, force, and motion and explain the science behind the ability for a plane to lift off of the ground.

Check back frequently for more integration tips and suggestions.

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