Macul Closing Keynote Challenges

Welcome to the most participatory keynote in the nation!  This presentation is a model for 21st century classrooms where the “leader” is truly a guide on the side and the learners in the room will create innovative and original content.

Here is your homework, your preparation to make this experiment to be successful.

1. The Photo challenge: With a camera, cell phone or other image creating device, take a photo that compares or contrasts two or more things or people.  Examples: Banana and a rock.  Or car and bicycle.
Email your photo to and include a description of the image in the body text of the email.

2. The Video Challenge: Record a five second video of you holding a sign or object that completes the phrase, “Thanks to MACUL my students will…”
Send to your 5 second video to and include the phrase “tags: maculvideo” in the subject or body.

3. The Dream Lesson request: Post a lesson that you would like to have the entire conference build for you with rich media, links, sources etc.  One lucky person will have their suggestion built during the closing keynote.
Visit  and submit your idea there. 

4. The PowerUp Challenge: Propose a Power Up Challenge. This should be an achievable task that will engage laptops, websites, cell phones, networks and other resources that should be available to students.
Visit and submit your PowerUp lesson idea there.

One Comment;

  1. Rob Voigt said:

    Great presentation at MACUL2010!!!

    Discovery Streaming has been a mainstay of my science classes for years! We must prevent the proliferation of standards and GLCEs from overwhelming teachers and distracting them from concentrating on finding great video content to help Enliven and Enrich lessons… and help their students Enjoy them!