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DENSI 2016 – Sessions, Day 2

(This post was co-written by Diane Lefebvre and Shelby Bailey.) I don’t know about everyone else, but today was a mix of overwhelming and excitement for the start of our third day here at DENSI. Overwhelming because there is so much to learn and so little time to get it all in and absorbed. Excitement

DENSI 2016 Day 2 – Sessions begin!

This post was written by Diane Lefebvre. The day kicked off with a bang as everyone gathered in the great room where an enormous dance line erupted around the tables lead by none other than the joyful Rita Mortensen to the tune of “I’ve Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. What a fantastic

A Very Special SOS for #DENSI2016

The theme for this year’s DEN Summer Institute (DENSI) is JOY.  So what better way to celebrate our theme than with a special instructional strategy as part of our SOS series.  You can download the JOY SOS here. A very special thank you to Susan Bowdoin (@sbowdoin) who made this SOS even more useful and

DENSI 2016 Day 2 – The Outing

On this beautiful Monday morning, about 150 educators from around the globe descended upon Chicago for the annual DENSI group outing. This trip consisted of a visit to The Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium, both within a short walk from one another on the banks of Lake Michigan. At The Field Museum, attendees had a

Welcome to DENSI 2016!

This post was co-written by Wisconsin DEN Star Rachel Yurk. Greetings! This year’s Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute kicked off with a bang, thanks to Steve Dembo and his Star Wars troupe. Prior to the opening BBQ meal, attendees had the chance to connect with each other through gift giving and conversation. What a great

Make New Friends but Keep the Old DENSI Style

Would you like a community of friends and colleagues to share ideas and advice? Have you ever needed a sounding board from someone who “gets it” in your world as an educator? How much fun would it be to stay in college dorms for a week learning with some of the most passionate educators around?

DENSI: Why You Should Apply

The DEN Summer Institute (DENSI) is being held in Chicago, IL this July and while I’m a little bias because it’s my favorite city (and current residence), I hope you’ll consider applying to join us for this week long professional learning experience. Last year was my first time attending DENSI for the full week and

Where’s DENSI? It’s Here. Hints Explained.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did with the hints for DENSI 2016.  This is such a resourceful group, it was hard to keep even the most obscure clue from being brought to light within minutes of the post. Now that the exact location has been revealed, kudos to those that guessed correctly, I

Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

So many amazing guesses.  I told you on the first post that this is a group with mighty brains.  So here you go.  The final hint and then I will be turning it over to Porter to announce the location and open the application process. Traveling to new elevations or hanging with Sue, there’s always a

Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

Next to last clue coming your way as we draw closer to the opening of registration for the DEN Summer Institute 2016. The dining options at DENSI always take me back. Be a part of the new generation and have breakfast with John, Dan and Bill. Just don’t order the eggs and I’d warn against asking for