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Do Your Students Struggle with Stress?

Help Your Students Experience Happiness with the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills Studies show that more than half of students are stressed, and many don’t know how to handle it. LG and Discovery Education have created a no-cost, standards-aligned curriculum to help them bounce back from the hard times and discover their happy through regular practice of

SOS Top Ten for Professional Development

Welcome to our special Top Ten series on SOS in the classroom. This month we’re highlighting some of the most popular ways to use Spotlight on Strategies as Professional Development tools for educators.

SOS Story: Leslie Pope

Leslie Pope, Curriculum Coach from Johnston County Public Schools, shares how she mashed up Visual Walkabout and Six Word Story to engage 4th grade students in learning about the Coastal Plain in North Carolina.

Top Ten SOS: Primary Edition

Welcome to our special Top Ten series on SOS in the classroom. This month we're putting our youngest learners in the spotlight by sharing how you can engage primary students in active learning. We’re excited to share adaptations to the Spotlight on Strategies series that have been successfully implemented in Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms.  

DEN Trend Report: 10/1/17

Here's what's trending in education this week: > A New Lesson for High School Economics Education > The e-textbook transformation > The Secret Sauce to Choosing Edtech? Find Tools By Fit, Not Feature > The Future of Work Is Uncertain, Schools Should Worry Now > The Funding Crisis Myth > Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Opioids > 3 critical digital course materials questions, answered > Make Agriculture Fun In The Classroom With 360-Degree Videos And Interactive > Activities Through Discovering Farmland

Kathy's Katch

June 2017: Promoting inventiveness in the classroom

We are all familiar with invention—the process of creating something new and useful. But what about the creativity factors that play a large role in this process? The creative bridge between invention and innovation is called inventiveness. How can you lead your teachers or colleagues to promote inventiveness in the classroom? The Belin-Blank Center for

Discovery Education in Action: Heather James

Step inside the classrooms of Discovery Education Community members from around globe with DE in Action. Learn how your peers are using digital media in their classrooms, hear how they solve problems, and experience Discovery Education through their eyes. Name: Mrs. Heather James Role: 6th Grade Math Teacher School: Ellerbe Middle School School District: Richmond

Powerful Practices: Q&A with George Couros on Fostering Tomorrow’s Innovators

Today’s educators are tasked with preparing students for an uncertain future, where prospects in unskilled labor are shrinking and automated services are booming. How can leaders prepare students for a future in which change is the only constant? Educator and author George Couros says students could learn a lot by adopting an innovator’s mindset. Couros, a

DEN Community Member of the Week: Rachael Postle-Brown

Rachael is a Elementary Principal and Science Curriculum leader in Jenison Public Schools, Michigan. She has been using Discovery Education  for the past four years. She shared “I learned about Discovery when I joined my current district and could not believe how many resources were available.  As an instructional leader I use DE to model