Discovery Education's Science Class

Thank you to everyone who attended last year’s Science Classes.  We are returning beginning Tuesday, September 8th at 1PM EST.  Our schedule of topics is below.  If the topic does not fit your schedule please feel free to use the archived versions when the topic fits.

Tuesday, October 6th – All About Air

Tuesday, November 3rd – Magnetism

Tuesday, January 5th – Electricity

Tuesday, February 2nd – Energy

Tuesday, March 2nd – States of Matter

Tuesday, April 6th – Rocks and Minerals

Tuesday, May 4th – Chemistry


  1. Patti D said:

    Brad… came to the blog but did not see presentation. Jen passed on link to Mogulus… but Mogulus blocked here at school…

    any other way to see it?

  2. Gayle Unzueta said:

    Watched this with my 2nd period 6th grade class. They cheered when the egg went in.
    lotsa fun!

  3. Patti D said:

    Missed it… Mogulus blocked. The word on Plurk is that it was great! Congrats Brad!

  4. Teresa R said:

    Looking for the instructions/notes for Elephant’s Toothpaste activity. Are they posted somewhere?

  5. Bev Brink said:

    Where might I find the archived sessions of DE’s Science Class that I have missed?


  6. Jan Abernethy said:

    I was very disappointed to discover that my district has blocked this site, deeming it “bad behavior.” Any help in getting around this would be appreciated.