Science Techbook – Product Updates

Coming July 2016

I heard there are some changes coming to Science Techbook, what are they?

What began as a journey to replace textbooks with a digital product is turning into the development of a learning ecosystem. Guided by educators’ recommendations and the latest research synthesized by Discovery’s instructional experts, the Science Techbook experience will become even more intuitive and accessible for instructor and students.


When will I see these changes in my existing version of Science Techbook?

All teachers and students will see the new version of the site when they login on July 1, but you will have an opportunity to get information about the new version through demo’s, sneak peek webinars, and various communications leading into the launch. Please contact your Discovery Education Partner Success Manager for more information or call us at 800-323-9084.


Sounds great, but what specifically is changing in July?

  • A design launch/refresh based on the latest in UX research, and includes a responsive design so that you and your students get the best experience whatever device you are on.
  • Upon entering a Science Techbook concept you will land on the Engage page instead of the Model Lesson so you can dive straight into the materials.
  • Adding new phenomena-based Engage material
  • Introduction of the STEM connections in Elaborate
  • Differentiation of student self-assessment resources and teacher assignable resources in the Evaluate tab
  • Enhanced Spanish version


Why did you make these changes?

Our goal is ensure that your students have the most immersive educational experience they can. We are constantly listening to what our Partners say about our services, and these updates are made based on both end-user feedback and the latest research in digital services. The changes we are making are all designed to improve the experience with Science Techbook, make it more accessible for students and teachers, and ensure that all the materials available are easily discoverable. The constant stream of feedback we receive about our products means that changes we make in product are most accessible to the widest range of users and settings.


What is phenomenon-based inquiry?

Phenomena in science are instances in the real-world that may seem extraordinary, such as weather events, experiences with changes in motion, and living systems. In these new enhancements Engage, Explore, and Explain will be linked together by a shared question set up by a phenomenon introduced in Engage. The intention is to use Discovery’s content to develop students’ natural sense of curiosity and wonder through the use of fascinating phenomena.


Those STEM connections sounds great, tell me more about these?

In addition to the STEM parts of our High School Techbooks, we are introducing new sections to our K-8 Techbooks which will focus on relevant careers, applications, and STEM focused components of the content. Each concept will contain between 2 and 4 STEM projects which will be either TEI or hands-on based. Projects will focus on multiple aspects of STEM and be an application of the content from that concept.

How can I prepare my teachers and students for this change?

We will be working with you through these changes to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to effectively communicate about these changes. That’s why we want to have this initial conversation with you about these changes. As we move closer towards the July change date we will provide you with Get Started Guides and other materials to support all your staff and students with these changes.