STAR Blogs

When you become a STAR Member of the Den, you will have access to creating a personal Discovery Education blog. If you have not become a STAR Member consider correcting that now. Visit to begin the process. The Discovery Educator Network website is a work in progress. Until the search feature functions better here is a list of STAR DEN Bloggers from NY. (Blogs will only be included if you volunteer to do so).

DEN STAR Bloggers from NY

Jeannine Shields, neene,

Roxie Metz, roxiemetz,

Linda Bilak, lbilak,

Lisa Parisi, or or South Paris Collaborative

Christine Southard, or or South Paris Collaborative

Nancy Sharoff,, and DEN in Second Life

Tracy Standhart,

Laura Benin,

Cindy Dwyer, or

To have your STAR Blog included here please send an email to Please include your name as you’d like it posted and your DEN username so that we can find your blog. Updates are coming!!