Upcoming Events

Technology Mini Conference in Brockton March 6

Brockton Public Schools is sponsoring a Technology Mini Conference that will focus on 21st Century Skills.  This conference will provide educators with the opportunity to explore a variety of technologies that enhance the teaching and learning process for our Digital Natives.   Participants can explore Video Conferencing, Claymation, Interactive White Boards, Student Response Systems, Discovery Education, Web 2.0, FrontRow, RM Education and so much more!  Activity sessions will adequately accommodate the needs of all professionals along the Techno-Constructivist Spectrum!

Come one, come all!  Register for the conference at:  http://www.brocktonpublicschools.com/page.cfm?p=2412

Date:  March 6th, 2010        Time:  9AM – 2PM       Place:  Mary Baker Elementary School, Quincy St., Brockton, MA