Virtual Conference



  1. kathleen Donnelly said:

    I would like to attend the event in person to get on hand personal experiences. Could you sign me up or notify me on line when to register. I just learned of the event today.
    Thank you,
    Kathleen Y. Donnelly
    Mercy Vocational High School
    Assistant Nursing Instructor
    2900 Hunting Park
    Phila, Pa.
    219 226 1225 ext: 126

  2. julie said:

    Have a teacher who would like to attend, but has other commitment… will the sessions be recorded and available afterward???

  3. Carol Papuga said:

    Please let me know how I can access the archived sessions. They sound great but due to prior commitments, I may not be available to view between 9 and 2 on Saturday.

  4. Liz said:

    Is there a schedule of the presentations? I can’t attend the entire conference so would like to schedule when I do participate.


  5. Linda said:

    I registered and signed in but was unable to get a good enough connection all day. I have DSL which worked fine for the FETC virtual conference but your connection kept breaking up even when I rebooted. Is any of this archived?
    Thanks for the opportunity anyway; I will try again next time.

  6. Clarence Hamilton said:

    Michael did a great job!

    I need Michael to post all or most of the exciting video clips he showed us. I want to use them w/ Teachers and students. They will really get the students excited in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.


  7. Barbara De Santis said:

    While the presentations were inspiring- the networking in the chat window provided real time resources. During a discussion of Voicethread, I noticed a Spanish teacher noted she used it in her class. How did she know I had to present to the Spanish department the following week on technology? Alexa shared her email and we connected. She shared several resources/links –and my boss couldn’t figure out how I had found her! All in the power of the DEN!

  8. Patrick Farrell said:

    I also need a refresher on how to obtain my credits for Saturday, Oct 24,2009. I did send a request before to Patti Duncan but did not receive a reply.

  9. Susan Drenkhahn said:

    I am looking forward to refresher course. there was so much to learn. The notes have helped. I would like to use google earth and I am having a hard time finding the website