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Powering SEL Skills in Your Classroom with LaGolda

A brand new year is here, which means there’s an important opportunity to freshen up curricula, reset, and test out new resources. This new year, we want to highlight the empowering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) resources that focus on diversity, inclusion, and foster empathy and kindness in the classroom. Make this new year the

STEM Careers Coalition Partner Spotlight : API

The STEM Careers Coalition is a coalition of industry leaders that have joined forces to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide. Over the next five years, the Coalition aims to prepare a generation for the future of work.  The American Petroleum Institute is one of the anchor partners fueling

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January 2020: Questioning skills to support design thinking

There are hundreds of visual models of the design thinking process on the Web. They all include similar components as illustrated below.   The first step in the design thinking process, empathizing, requires students to identify a problem or process from the point of view of the intended audience. Developing this empathetic mindset requires asking

Ask, Listen, Learn Sparks Conversations about Alcohol, Brain Development, and Strategies for Saying “NO” to Underage Drinking

Guest blogger Lindsay Foster is a Learning Technology Coach in the Burleson Independent School District in Fort Worth, TX. Read below as she explores the variety of resources available as part of the NEW Digital Exploration brought to you by Ask, Listen, Learn in partnership with Discovery Education.   Starting the Convo! Ask, Listen, Learn

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December 2019: My 20/20 Vision

This past year, 2019, has been an exciting year! The use of new technologies in the classroom have exploded. The number of new tools, apps, and sites to support the embedding of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom have become a hot topic of discussion. And the new devices and tools for coding have

The Journey to Connect STEM from K to Careers Starts Now! Introducing the STEM Careers Coalition

On November 8, Discovery Education launched a critical initiative to connect classrooms nationwide, from K to careers.  The STEM Careers Coalition will serve as a conduit through which students can see the work of the future, by providing resources that bring relevancy to learning and broaden students’ understanding of and engagement with STEM. This blog