Kahoot your way through PARCC!

Working through the PARCC tutorial  with your students might not be the most exciting classroom lesson.  Add some energy (and interactivity) with the three Kahoot! quizzes I have created for the TestNav 8 session.  There is one for each part of the tutorial ( A, B, and C).  I’ve had the students review the tutorial […]

Using a different lens

And I’m not talking about getting their eyes checked.  This tweet from ReadWriteThink will help you middle school students read with a different view.  Site includes instructional plan and all the materials. Reading Through Different Lenses! Grades 6-8 students learn to comprehend the text styles of different content areas: http://t.co/pZjnxJOcLd — ReadWriteThink.org (@RWTnow) December 5, […]

Yet Another Epic Story Fave

Okay, ants and Mia Hamm… what’s next? We found this cool board, submitted for Epic Story, about the conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Tune in next week for our final fave board… it’s about travel, in case you’re doing some over the New Year break.