#DENbdays – August 2014

August #DENbdays The DEN (Discovery Educator Network) would like to send best wishes to our DEN stars that are celebrating birthdays this month. During August let’s send some #DENLove to these DENfriends.         Happy #DENbday wishes to: August 2nd – Alan Brown, NC, @ab31706 August 9th – Shannon Mulqueen, CT, @smulqueen August […]

Reflections and Aspirations

I left #DENSI2014 nearly two weeks ago. And while I have been ruminating regarding my reflections, my life has taken a sharp turn to the left with regard to family commitments and activities. So I’ve had to postpone the gushing (except on Facebook and to any person who asks me, “How was Nashville?”) and the […]

Summer Series: Week 9 — PHYSICS

  Been practicing your dives this summer? How about roller coasters… any trips to the amusement park? Been stuck at home, bouncing superballs all day or playing with a yo-yo? Well, this is your week. The Summer Series: Physics board is considering the laws of physics using amazing and funny video clips and special “make” […]

DENSI 2014 reflection

Alright, I’ve been home from DENSI 2014 for a week now.  I’ll be honest, I have spent most of that week decompressing from DENSI at the beach, hanging out with friends and reading trashy beach novels.  But I’ve also spent a good part of that time reflecting on my time spent with my new DEN […]

I’m Not Dumb In THIS Class!

Today I spent some time at one of my STEM camps. I enjoyed going around, snapping photos, and talking with students and teachers. As I watched one of my MaKey Makey groups work, I decided to interview some of the 2nd graders. One of my boys was programming and I asked him, “What do you think […]

One day until school starts!

Ok, so I didn’t know that we had such a huge turn over in staff. I knew a couple teachers were going to be in new positions at different schools, but this was more, even office staff have changed. On a positive, our new principal seems very confident, and supportive. Which is great, but I […]

DENSI Reflections

“Do a happy dance. Yes. Right now. Experience pure joy. You did it! You got accepted to the DEN Summer Institute. That’s a big deal!” Quoted from my acceptance letter from late March, this was just a peek into what was in store for my summer. Fast forward to July – DENSI 2014 – Nashville, […]

DENSI2014 – Reflections

          Wow! I am still recovering mentally and physically from DENSI2104. Lack of sleep and too many great ideas swimming in my head to sleep, as well as thinking I could run the DENmazing Race have taken their toll. So much to process and I feel a bit ADD in trying. […]