Try it with the students…

I have some fantastic students!  The last new thing for the quarter is having them make their own Blog.  So far I have given them some very minimal guidelines:  School Appropriate, writing on posts should be at least 500 words per post.  images are ok, so are video clips, again school appropriate.  Simple beginning having […]

Epic Update

Breaking News: Epic Story voting tabulations are shocking the staff at Discovery Education. This chart shows the current leader and runners up. It’s not too late to change history. Voting is open until October 3, 2014. Make your opinion known and vote today!   Watch the clips and vote at the EPIC STORY PAGE:!

Sample Questions

Everybody (or at least it seems like) is looking for sample testing questions.  If you teach ELA or Math (grades 2-8) , then sign up for a free Learningpod account to access over 20 sets of sample questions. For the complete post from TeachersFirst, please click here.

The DEN Kool-Aid

What I learned at DENapalooza By Kate Voss   The Background I had every intention of sleeping on the red-eye back to NY from DENapalozza in Anaheim, CA. However, sleep eluded me for all the best reasons. My mind was simply buzzing with all I had learned. I closed my eyes, finally able to process […]