You know dipsticks, right?  You use one to get a quick look at your oil level in the car.  Now translate this to the classroom.  A dipstick (or Alternative Formative Assessment) is a fast way to see the level of student understanding.  This blog post from Todd Finley includes more detail as well as a […]

Fairy tales from other lands

If you are not following ReadWriteThink on twitter- you should- another great tweet! Lon Po Po has always been one of my favorites. Students read fairy tales from several cultures, identifying common elements, and write Fairy Tale Autobiographies http://t.co/6w6Tljk4PR — ReadWriteThink.org (@RWTnow) March 21, 2015

What’s your conflict?

  United States conflicts from 1775 to the present are detailed in this interactive timeline from the Smithsonian.  The Price of Freedom uses video, text, and artifacts, to outline the causes, events, and leaders of the time.  There are also learning resources. How could your students use this site?  I am willing to wager most […]

What’s down there?

Journey to the Centre of the Earth allows you to see what’s below the earth (and sea).  Before the students started, it might be interesting to give them a few of the items and have them rank them in order- so what do you think you would see first- an underground city in Turkey, the […]

Best class pet ever!

And I know about class pets ( cleaning the rabbit cage every week was not a highlight and then there was the time I had to adopt out all the baby hamsters!).  And then there was the time the hamster escaped… good thing the ants never got out! My friend April used to get chick […]