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SOS: Summer Twist on Puppet Pictures

The use of puppets is a fun and creative way for students to connect with new vocabulary and concepts. In this strategy, students make their own puppets, develop image files, and create a finished postcard to narrate information.



Lively Lessons: ELL Resources

Several new titles from Visual Classroom have been added to Discovery Education Streaming to support ELL students. Each program from the English Language Learner Series targets grades K-2 or 3-5, is available in English and Spanish, and comes complete with a teacher’s guide. Each episode highlights specific vocabulary and presents words in conjunction with animated illustrations. Repetition is used to



Fun Fact Friday: Mount Rushmore

Did you know that when Mount Rushmore was originally planned, the sculpture was intended to depict the presidents all the way down to their waists?? It’s true! The monument, featuring the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, was carved by Gutzon Borglum and 400 other workers, working under Borglum’s direction.



DEN Weekly Update: July 24, 2015

This issue of the DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you. Here are just a few of the things to look forward to reading: Explore resources from DENSI 2015 Register to attend a DENapalooza event Follow the Young Scientist Challenge’s Finalists Journey to the Final Event Keep reading to learn about these


DENSI2015 Resources: Breakout Sessions

Last Friday educators from around North America and the United Kingdom packed their bags, said good byes and traveled home after a week at the DEN Summer Institute. The week was full of sessions presented by STAR Discovery Educators, the Discovery Education team and some special guests. In addition to learning from keynote and breakout sessions, educators


SOS: Another Twist on Snowball Fight

My students absolutely love the Snowball Fight strategy for Math review. Instead of passing out a worksheet or going over examples on the board, I use a Snowball Fight with a twist. I put up Math problems on the interactive white board, one at a time. Students complete the problem, and then the fun begins. I announce, “snowball fight!” and the students toss their papers around the room (with minimal injury I might add, which is quite impressive for my middle school boys!) I instruct students look over the work from one of their classmates and see whether or not they solved the problem using the same steps. It is wonderful to hear students complaining that their peers aren’t showing their work! After students have ample time to look over their peer’s work, I review the problem on the board to answer any lingering questions. We repeat the process as many times as necessary.


How Can We Make the 63,000 Questions We Ask in a Year Better?

How can we make the 63,000 questions we ask in a year better? We ask our students a lot of questions. Questioning is the most widely used teaching strategy behind the classic lecture. (See my previous blog post about the debate over lecturing in social studies.) Research tells us we ask 300-400 questions a day, and as many

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Fall DENapalooza Tour

Mark your calendar for the Fall 2015 DENapalooza locations! The DENapalooza tour is a series of professional development events that share the power of making connections through the Discovery Educator Network. Make connections with fellow DEN members and learn new ideas you can implement in your classroom by attending presentations given by STAR Discovery Educators,