MacGyver Mindset Comes to DENvice

While we probably can’t tell you how to build a spaceship out of a rubber band, a pencil and chewing gum, we can offer you simple, clever tips for your classroom. Our new weekly Star Tip feature will share quick and easy solutions for everyday classroom needs, including everything from building a tripod out of […]

Spring Virtcon: Call for Presenters is open!


The Discovery Education Spring VirtCon is always one of the highlights of the year.  Thousands of educators gather to learn from each other, be inspired by phenomenal presentations, and share their passion for education!  There are so many ways to participate too.  While many people choose to attend from the privacy of their own home […]

Globalizing your Classroom

We live in an increasingly interconnected world where learning opportunities around the globe are available directly to our local classroom. Modern technology enables us to transcend political borders and foreign languages in order to explore, communicate and collaborate. Join us this week on DENvice where Arkansas DEN Star and participant in the recent program Auschwitz […]