Charging Stations

I have chargers to plug into the wall, car chargers, and portable chargers. My chargers have become a part of “What I Can’t Leave The House Without” ever! I’ll turn around and go back home to get them but I won’t turn around to get my lunch. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a new commercial that […]

King George Google Conference

I attended a Google Conference in King George, Virginia on August 14th. My sole intention was to learn about Google Classroom so that I can assist classroom teachers as they start to utilize this great feature in the classroom. The first available session for Google Classroom was full and I was a tad bit angry because […]

Discovery Education Techbook

I attended a professional development focusing on the Science Techbook today. I was already familiar with the Techbook because I did use it some last year. I really like that it has an app, so each student has access to it on their ipad! It is also really well organized for the students to manipulate […]

Summer Series: Week 12 — MONEY

  It’s our last week of the DSN Summer Series and this week we’re learning about money! Inspired by summer tourists at the U.S. Mint, we decided to deliver some amazing information and inspiration to you via the Summer Series: Money board. Whether you earned some with a summer job or just want to find out […]

Introduction to DEN Stars!

So I am super excited to be working with the Discovery Education Materials! I was recently introduced to them at the Siemens STEM Institute (Which was amazing!). I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off to show all the other teachers the materials available to them. I have an upcoming […]

Break-Tech Club

This year, inspired by Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) and his Techie Brekkie idea and the #DEN Sit Club, I am going to start a “club” for my faculty and staff this year – the Break-Tech Club. (Yes, I am a fan of those 80s John Hughes films… and I like the idea of an homage.) But […]


I am a library media specialist who is excited about reading and using information technology.  I became a DEN star ambassador in 2013.  I attended my first DENSI in 2014. DEN-SI was an awesome experience where I learned so much information.  I am very excited to start the new school year.  

Hello World

Welcome to my new DEN blog! This is my first blogging experience so bare with me please! Today and tomorrow I’m attending a training through my district about Discovery Ed. Although I used Discovery Ed religiously last year, I’m excited to learn some new things about what Discovery Ed has to offer. I will keep […]