If you are teaching Shakespeare…

I know many folks are looking at Shakespeare sometime this year- you might want to check out this ReadWriteThink introduction to Shakespeare. Students compare a performance at The Globe with a modern production in the lesson All’s Well that Sells Well: http://t.co/4904LYBsZj — ReadWriteThink.org (@RWTnow) January 11, 2015

No, it’s not about food…

I will admit the name of the site ( Yummy Math) did draw me in- but this is not about calories- but rather about real world math issues.  Check out the problems and teacher sheets.  And it included CC standards.  Best for grades 5-9 ( would be great for problem solving classes!). For the complete […]

Storybird- but more

Storybird has always been one of my favorite sites- the illustrations are breathtaking and inspiration.  They now have two new features in the new Storyboard Studio.  Now in addition to the picture book format, you can also create longform books ( lots more text) as well poetry pages.

New Kahoot Changes!

Now there is even more to love!  You can save your results to Google Drive and students will no longer to see the answers on other’s screens. I just tried the saving feature and it works well- tomorrow I will check out the students’ screens.  Please see their blog post here for all the details!

The What and the How

of Technology Integration- that’s the title of a presentation   (posted below) I made this morning to the Middlesex County Technology Council. It gave me a chance  to showcase some of our student work  (the what) as well as discuss the how  (engaging teachers). They are a group of tech directors/administrators.  Special thanks to Karen […]

Everyone talks about it..

  You guessed it – the weather.  Here is an email I recently got from Emily Gibbons- “I was on the NOAA website (http://www.noaa.gov/) and they had a cool piece about Marine Snow, and I started clicking around and discovered that, much like Wonderopolis, DE, and similar sites, they have daily facts and info! Just […]