Best PARCC video!

Special thanks to Scott Nurnberger (SUES VP) for sharing this video.  While I have watched several PARCC tutorials, this was by far the most teacher friendly. Also thanks to Chris Aviles for creating and sharing this video.  “Hello awesome teachers…”.

Google Slides and more

This was shared in a Google Apps group- some very interesting ideas and many links and resources. Eric Curts: “Google Slides for Interactive Stories, Quizzes, and Games” webinar recording and resources now available. Learn how you and your students can use Google Slides to make “Choose Your Own Adventure” style stories, interactive quizzes, and online […]

Participate in an Educational “Discovery” with the KS DEN LC

The Kansas Discovery Education Network Leadership Council wants to invite all DEN STARS and fellow teachers to the 2015 MACE Conference educational “Discovery” gathering. The LC is looking to promote this global community through conversation shaped around your needs for professional development connecting various aspects of Discovery Education. Check out the Thinglink embed for various […]

Count your lucky stars

Or work on your math skills with Preschool-third grade students.  Jen Wagner’s St. Patrick’s Day project is ready for you to register.  Please click here for complete information.   All you need is a box of Lucky Charms.  The project runs March 16-20 ( and this can be done in one session)- if you are going […]