Yet Another Epic Story Fave

Okay, ants and Mia Hamm… what’s next? We found this cool board, submitted for Epic Story, about the conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Tune in next week for our final fave board… it’s about travel, in case you’re doing some over the New Year break.

And then there were none

Patrice Troutman’s high school English classes were reading this classic novel and decided to use smore to create an online flier (to either entice folks to visit Indian Island or to stay far away).   Here are some samples (use the scroll bar on the side to view the entire flier):

30 things to do with Google Search

I got this via email this morning- something to consider for your older students- especially if you are tired of them simply “googling” things!  Paul’s list might help them put some thought into their work. Paul Gaffney:Here are 30 innovative ways to use Google search in the classroom. And rather than gimmicks, or general ways […]

Checking for plagiarism

Richard Byrne in his blog  Free Technology for Teachers recently posted updates resources to both explain ( to students) and check for plagiarism. I liked the infographic with the Harry Potter theme to help your students understand the process of citing.  For the complete post, please click here.