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The College of Teaching — a new chartered body for the teaching profession

Professor Angela McFarlane has played a key role in the College of Teaching project. We are delighted that she has written a blog post for us at Discovery Education, to explain the work of the college. Read more about Angela in a short biography at the bottom of the article. On the 8th June 2016



SOS: Two Stars and A Wish

Numerous studies indicate that feedback is most effective when it is given immediately. Research indicates that individuals who are given immediate feedback show a significantly larger increase in performance than those who receive delayed feedback. James Pennebaker states that, “Students must be given access to information about their performance . . . At the broadest level, students need to know if they actually have mastered the material or not. Giving them information about the ways they are studying, reading, searching for information, or answering questions can be invaluable.”



Fun Fact Friday: Pig Island

Photo: CDorobek Did you know that there is an island in the Bahamas that is populated almost entirely by pigs? It’s true! Pig Island, also known as Pig Beach, is home to a small community of feral pigs. These free roaming pigs are not opposed to taking dips in the ocean, and seem to enjoy


calculus 2

Why do we continue to teach…Part 2

Well, it took a bit longer to get to part 2 than I had planned. Things like finishing a school year and planning for next year took some precedence. Regardless, if you need a refresher on part 1, here it is.  The premise of the problem is “Why do we continue to teach math that


DE in Action: Julie Wenger

Name: Julie Wenger School: Adkins Elementary School District: Denton ISD, Texas Subjects/Grades Taught:  Science and Social Studies/5th grade How did you find yourself in teaching?   There is a long history of teachers in my family.  I have happily joined the pack, albeit a little later in the game.  When my daughters were little, I

A teacher helping a student at school with a computer.

SOS: Fold Draw Learn

“Drawing can improve complex reasoning, writing, and reading readiness, partly because the critical and creative faculties required to generate and appreciate art transfer cognitively to future learning experiences, and partly because the arts make learning fun: A student personally invested in his or her work will be far more likely to stick with it” (Edutopia). This strategy activates context clues and prior knowledge by allowing students to connect their drawings to concepts being learned to further develop vocabulary.


Summer is Here: Let the STEM Fun Begin!

By Jonathan Gerlach, Discovery Education’s National Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives One of the most important parts of STEM teaching and learning is students having the opportunity to see how the world works outside the classroom bringing content to life in context. We stress the importance of integrating the idea of “real-world” into learning. However we