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DEN Weekly Update: September 4, 2015

Get caught up on all the cool stuff happening in your Discovery Education Community. In this edition of the DEN Weekly Update you’ll find information on: Constitution Day Virtual Field Trip The Discovery Education Fall VirtCon Free back-to-school webinars to help get your year started off great Click here to learn about these things and



Positive Approaches to Digital Citizenship

The  role of students has evolved in the last decade. Where once they were focused on how to make a difference in their local communities, today’s students are making a larger impact in their global community, primarily though their role as digital citizens.  It’s a hot topic that’s often lumped in with internet safety, but



SOS: Throw Back Thursday… Whittle it Down

School has finally started back, and we have the opportunity to use everything that Discovery Education has to offer!  Of course this means implementing our favorite SOS! That being Spotlight on Strategies of course. Together we are going to be going back in time to the originals, the classics, the first strategies spotlighted by the



Content Showcase: Back to School

Discovery Education’s Content Team presents to you the sixth installment of Content Showcase. Many schools are already back in session, so September’s episode will give you the latest Discovery Education content to integrate into your lessons. Featured programs are available in DE Streaming and Techbook in the United States and Canada. Links to each program mentioned in the


DEN Trend Report: 9/2/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
>From Media Specialists To Digital Literacy Leaders
>Technology Reshapes Education, ‘Making Thinking Visible’
>3 Ways Mobile Technology Is Transforming Learning Spaces
>Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: Remaking Teacher Training With An Innovative Twist
>Three Ways Ed-Tech Can Help Bring Back The “Cool” Science Teacher
>20 Edtech Concepts And Devices That Every Teacher Should Know About
>Apps To Bring Math And Science Skills Back After Summer
>These 10 Trends Are Shaping The Future Of Education


Ignite Your Passion is Back

The plan was simple.  Choose a region full of passionate educators. Find 10 or so people willing to share a 5-minute talk. Select a pub or restaurant where folks could gather. Invite 100 or so friends and strangers and watch the magic happen. These events were called, “Ignite Your Passion for Discovery” They were truly some

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September 2015: HOTS for Bloom’s, part 3

The two previous posts (1 & 2) in this three-part series provided some background in how to recognize and teach critical thinking skills and, using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy as a guide, embed the higher-order thinking skills into teaching and learning. The two posts also highlighted some tech-enhanced activities. In this post, I will be providing