This is my first post!

Here I am at Discovery Educators Network Summer Institute 2014 (DENSI) in Nashville, Tennessee.  I am at a point where I am so overwhelmed that I feel like I am now more stupid than when I got here.  I’m sure that after some reflection time at  home, all this will sink in and all the […]


Fear of technology has held me back. I fight this fear every time I need to learn something new in technology. Den has helped me chip away at this. I may be going slower, but I am and will get there. FIGHT THE FEAR.  THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG.

Application to DENSI2014

Thursday March 14, 2014 a gold nugget was dangled in front of me from my TLC trainer Katie Higgins when she told me about a professional development opportunity called Den Summer Institute.  There was a rigorous application process, which included a video of yourself using a Discovery Ed resource in some way with the students.  […]

DENSI2014 – A Few Links

I am having a great time in Nashville attending the Discovery Educator Summer Institute. It is an opportunity to renew friendships and to meet more amazing educators from all over the US, Canada and United Kingdom. The learning takes place in planned sessions and in conversations over lunch, over coffee and while gathering in the […]

DENSI2104 – Adam Bellow Keynote

Adam Bellow rocked his Keynote this morning at the Discovery Educator Summer Institute in Nashville, TN. Many inspiring moments, here are a few. Excited to check out Pixel Press, an iPad App used to create a video game. Inspiring (meaning there may have been tears in a few eyes) videos were shared. This one is […]

DENSI 2014: Day 3 Recap

Our first day of sessions was just as hectic and brain-meltingly awesome as I expected.  I especially LOVED all the toys that Steve Dembo brought for us to try out this afternoon in the DENovation session! I have to start making a list of all the things I want need to get for my classroom, which should […]

DENSI 2014 Part 1

I arrived late last night and immediately began feeling the DEN love that makes this community so amazing. Today, while the excitement from seeing friends grew, so did the overwhelming DENSI feeling. This is my third summer institute but I feel just as stupid as my first time. Not only are these people the kindest […]

Monday #DENSI2014 Reflection

It happened again. I rose way too early for my liking. Do you think maybe I was excited about something? What would there be to be excited about? Oh perhaps maybe just a little excited about spending the day with all my DEN friends exploring the Ryman Auditorium, , the Parthenon, and The […]