Here’s some information (thanks to Sandi Paul) on some upcoming PD on 1/31 in Edison, NJ. EdTechNJ is a conference open to all educators whose mission is to foster 21st Century learning through the meaningful and intentional integration of technology in the classroom. The keynote speaker for our event this year is Rich Kiker – the top […]

Making Slushies!

One thing we have plenty of right now in Michigan is SNOW! We have tons of clean, white, cold, fluffy snow. The kids love to play in it, build forts, and throw it on the slide to help them slide faster. This week we decided to use what nature gave us to make some yummy […]

Happy New Year!

We started the New Year off right with a mid-school year report from the WDEN News! This amazing team took time out of their winter break to chime in and do a news report. Where else can a group of educators that are this far apart collaborate on a newscast but in the DEN! We […]

Not the Utility closet

The utility closet was where all sorts of things were stored in my grandparents’ house- but the Futility Closet   is another storage site with a wide diversity of mysterious and curiosities.  I thought the podcast about the Mary Celeste was fascinating. For the complete post from TeachersFirst, please click here.  

Put your brain in a box

Or anything else for that matter.  BrainyBox (a relatively new tool from ClassTools= I first posted it last February) allows you to add text, images, and more to a digital cube.  The sample I create included my goals for the new year.  Like many other of their tools, be sure to save the URL (as […]

Quick- it starts with a W

and occurs when visibility is low during a snowstorm.  How fast could you type in Whiteout?  Knoword is a quick interactive game that provides the first letter of a word (as well as the part of speech and definition).  The faster you type, the more points you earn.  While you can create an account, it […]