Kahoot! by the kids

While in Sue Henry’s class this week, we ended with 2 short games of Kahoot!  When the students wanted to play again, we gave them an option:  if they wrote the question, we would play again.  Each third grader wrote a sample of 3 sentence types.  After collecting the papers (think of them as exit […]

One thing I missed from Word,

  I love using a thesaurus- and while Google Docs has this feature (tools-dictionary- then look for synonyms),  when I pasted my new word in,  the font would not match my existing text.  Today (while reading the Google Gooru), I found the answer to my issue.  The remove formatting key( in the toolbar- click on More […]

From Edmodo- Hour of Code Resources

Just got this email this morning- the Hour of Code is December 8-15! Next week, participate in the Hour of Code by following a coding curriculum with your students created by teacher Alexandra Vlachakis and student Ty Simpson of Sandy Creek High School in Georgia. Designed to familiarize students with JAVA, a language that is […]


Saw Wesley Fryer’s tweet this morning from the Google Apps for Education summit in Texas.  One of the speakers (Ken Shelton) mentioned WordShift  (and it reminded me of this old post).  This is a twist on the traditional word cloud.  Yes, it makes the most common words larger- yet you can highlight words by topics, […]