How well do you graph?

If I show you a cartoon of a man being shot out of a cannon, how well can you draw the graph?  Function Carnival is a fun site for algebra or calculus students.  After watching the video and drawing the graph, the teacher gets all student results. There are also videos with  bumper car and […]

This frog doesn’t eat flies!

Word Frog is a nice site for younger children learning antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms.  You need to match the word on the frog to the correct fly.  As  post from TeachersFirst (please click here) mentions, students do need to be able to read. Or perhaps this could be a SMART Board activity or done in […]

Act locally- interact nationally

CIESE has a wide variety of engineering and science projects.  The Square of Life was recently showcased on TeachersFirst (please click here). The project’s objectives are: Identify living and non-living things in their school yards. Share their findings with other participating classes. Look for similarities and differences in the reported data. Prepare a final report […]

What’s This?

Are you new to your Discovery Education account this year? Wondering what this blog thing is all about? The Discovery Education Student Network Blog is all about keeping you informed of the goings on around here. Some things are behind-the-scenes and some are big challenges and events, but they all apply to you: students somewhere […]

Edmodo Snapshot

  If you teach ELA or Math (in grades 3-12), you might want to check out Edmodo Snapshot.  There is a great post on their blog this week.  You can easily create CCS based assessments.  After your students complete the assessment, you will have all types of data for your classroom.

Hydrolo what?

Hydrologist. Not sure about that career? Have your students join the Jason Stem Career event on September 17 at 1:30. Cannot make the live event? The session will be recorded so you and and your class can view later. Click here for information.