Not PBS, but PBIS

No, this post is not about public television- but it is about Positive Behavior Intervention Supports.  It will help you identify a student issue, suggest interventions and providing tracking documents. For the complete post from TeachersFirst, please click here.

Make your own tickets!

Here is something else I saw at DENSI- you can make your own concert tickets!  This sample is for my upcoming DEN Ambassador conference.  You can edit every line. You can print the tickets out full size- how interesting would this be in your classroom? For the complete post on TeachersFirst, please click here.

Achieving a personal goal

Exploring your senses from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo. When I attended DENSI in Nashville in July, I only had a few goals.  My top one?  To successfully learn to create green screen productions (you all know green screens- think of the weather person standing before a green screen and then having the correct maps […]

Learn with Jason

Jason Learning has a wonderful series of live webinars with scientists in many fields.  I just got their latest announcements about their 9/25 offering and decided to post the rest of this year’s schedule as well.  All events begin at 1:30 pm Eastern unless otherwise noted.   You can even submit questions for the speaker.  Check […]

Because they’re happy

    Numbers that is.  Happy Numbers offers many white broad ready math interactives for grades k-2 (the standards are listed on the site with each lesson).  While there is a paid version (allows you to create student accounts), I would stick with the free (just make yourself a teacher account).  Above is a screenshot […]

Try it with the students…

I have some fantastic students!  The last new thing for the quarter is having them make their own Blog.  So far I have given them some very minimal guidelines:  School Appropriate, writing on posts should be at least 500 words per post.  images are ok, so are video clips, again school appropriate.  Simple beginning having […]