Principal Update: 3/27/15

  This week’s principal update contains:     DEN Trend report: Education Innovation Clusters Aim to Improve Schools, 10 Questions to Ask Before Starting 1:1, 20 Ed Tech Leaders to Watch, and more! A webinar about how Discovery Education is aligning with NGSS Indicators of Success in the Digital Transition from 5 principals in our […]

DEN Trend Report: 3/25/15

  Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education?!? Here’s a recap of this week’s news. *If you read this feed, all you’ll owe is a comment below. Let us know what captured your eye and why! Are you a site or district administrator interested in receiving updates designed with you in mind? Let […]

Calendar of Cool: Gutenberg Bible Printed

On March 22 the 1455 the Gutenberg Bible was printed. Johannes Gutenberg invented the first practical printing press, changing the world forever. Up until that time, books had to be handwritten, and were painstakingly copied out by monks. This made books rare and expensive, meaning they were only available to large libraries and to the wealthy. Gutenberg’s […]

One Idea With: Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director, International Literacy Association

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director, International Literacy Association (ILA). The International Literacy Association (ILA) is a global advocacy and membership organization dedicated to advancing literacy for all through its network of more than 300,000 literacy educators, researchers and experts across […]

Fun Fact Friday: Toilet Paper Orientation


Did you know that there’s finally a definitive answer to the long debated question of toilet paper orientation, as to whether it should go over or under? It’s true! Recently rediscovered, the 1891 patent tells the tale. In the patent drawing, sketched by toilet paper roll inventor Seth Wheeler, it is illustrated that the answer […]