Fun Fact Friday: Digital Camouflage


Did you know that some military uniforms feature camouflage that looks like a pixellated computer image? It’s true! While the photo to the side might look like a mountainous landscape from an 8-bit Nintendo game, it’s actually a printed pattern that serves as a very effective woodland camouflage. According to Wikipedia, “Digital camouflage is a […]

DEN Trend Report: 3/4/15

DEN Trend Report Featured

Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education?!? Here’s a recap of this week’s news. *If you read this feed, all you’ll owe is a comment below. Let us know what captured your eye and why!   50 Awesome Apps for Teachers (Scholastic) By Catherine Logue These days, all you need to take your […]

March 2015: Literacies for the digital age: Information and digital literacy

This is the seventh in a series of blog posts highlighting the digital literacies our students will need to succeed. The first posts covered financial literacy, visual literacy, media literacy, historical literacy, numeracy, and data literacy. This post will provide you with some ideas on how to infuse information literacy and digital literacy skills into the curriculum. The thirteen literacies […]