Try This at Home

  Spin a raw egg on the counter and make some observations about the motion; then spin a hard-boiled egg on the counter and make some observations about the motion. They behave differently, huh? Why do you think that is? Leave your hypothesis in the comments section, then watch our virtual field trip to find […]

Trying Something New

Hello, DEN peeps! This is my first attempt at blogging – I suddenly felt the need to write about my new project, so here goes. At the suggestion of my assistant superintendent, I am going to start a small tech integration committee in my building. While I would love for every teacher to be as […]

“helping smart teachers teach smart”

One of the blogs I find myself visiting over and over again is TeachThought. It’s terrific! The blog set up is simple ~ easy to navigate and search for topics you are interested in. They offer great suggestions for technology tools and the kind of innovative thinking that helps teachers to step outside the box […]

Editing a dystopian paper

When I am in the Middle School library, many of the students are interesting in dystopian stories.   Here is a chance to edit a newspaper in a dystopian society.   Visit the Republia Times. You select the articles and the size in an attempt to present the government’s view and ensure the safety of your family. […]

Make Good Art

I saw this on Twitter and had to share- created by a high school student in New Milford.   LET’S MAKE SOME GOOD ART. Beautiful thoughts by @tehshmarah, a student at @NMHS_Principal’s school: #edchat — Gerald Aungst (@geraldaungst) March 29, 2014

SpringBOARDs to New Knowledge

It’s finally springtime! Great time to build a Board. Did you know there are OVER 1,400 Boards in your Discovery Education account? Boards have been made by students, teachers, and the Discovery Education staff and cover everything from Paul Bunyan to slopes to polymers. Take a few moments to search your account and browse the […]