Monday #DENSI2014 Reflection

It happened again. I rose way too early for my liking. Do you think maybe I was excited about something? What would there be to be excited about? Oh perhaps maybe just a little excited about spending the day with all my DEN friends exploring the Ryman Auditorium, , the Parthenon, and The […]

DENSI 2014: Day 2 Recap

Our Outing! Day 2 of DENSI means one thing: ADVENTURE! Today’s adventure took us on a tour of Music City, with stops at the Ryman Auditorium, the Parthenon, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. After breakfast, we all boarded the buses, and the luckiest of the DEN stars chose bus #2, led by the […]

engineering is for girls

I just wrapped a month of teaching at a summer that was focused on the Engineering Habits of Mind. Each week-long session gave students an opportunity to engage in a variety of challenges as we introduced them to different areas of engineering. Though we had many boys participating in the camp, we had quite a […]

Summer Series: Week 7 — ANIMALS

This week officially marks the beginning of the second half of summer! For those of you who are missing school — your friends, your teachers, the learning! — we’re now on the downhill slope towards the first day of school. We’re marking the halfway point with a focus on ANIMALS! The Summer Series: Week 7 […]

DENSI 2014: Day 1 Recap

So, this is my 2nd year at DEN, and what a different experience I have had so far. Last year I came in early for the leadership council preconference, was well rested, and super organized. This year, on the other hand, has been so different. I had to miss the precon because of a wedding […]

DENSI2014 Day 2 Reflection

It is always a joy serving on the Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council (DENLC). However, when I am with this inspiring group of educators my joy for education is fueled. Thank you all for stoking the fires of inspiration within me. Today’s pre-conference involved a large portion of the day being devoted to an Unconference. […]

DENSI2014 Day 1 Reflection

After a long drive, I arrived in Tennessee yesterday. I spent some time getting familiar with the area. The Vanderbilt University campus is just beautiful. And this will after all be home away from home for a little while now. It was nice to get a feel for what is where. Today was a busy […]

Brookings Institute report on STEM jobs

This week the Brookings Institute released their report on STEM jobs that used data about the length of time STEM job postings take to fill. The conclusion of the report stated: “Job openings for STEM positions take longer to fill than openings in other fields. The median duration of advertising for a STEM vacancy is […]