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Monday Morning Quarterback: Math Behind the Plays

Super Bowl 50 is now in the books, with fans everywhere reflecting on their favorite plays and heartbreaking moments from last night.  Chances are, a few of your students are still talking about the game.  No matter your team, it took amazing offensive and defensive plays all season long to get to the big game.



SOS: Flip Flop

This strategy is based on the “I used to think…. Now I think…” Visible Thinking Routine, developed by Harvard’s Project Zero. It challenges students to reflect on their own thinking as it relates to the content being addressed in a topic or unit of study. This type of thinking requires students to carefully consider their preconceptions and how their thinking changes over time.



Lively Lessons: Presidents, President’s, or Presidents’ Day?

In this Lively Lesson, students find a variety of real world examples of differing holiday spellings, explore media resources, then take a position on what an “official” spelling should be. Finally, they write persuasive letters to companies explaining why they should keep or change the spelling in their advertising or text.



What Are You Curious About? The Edmonton Edition

A packed house in Edmonton featured 8 wonderful Ignite presentations, great networking and an impromptu karaoke-style presentation on assessment. The theme asking “What Are You Curious About?”, meant presenters would pose a question and proceed to explore it during their talks. The theme of engagement and passion were prevalent from throughout the evening. At least


Fun Fact Friday: High Tech Guitar Lessons

Did you know that there is a video game that can actually teach you how to play the guitar? It’s true! The game is called Rocksmith 2014, and the way it works is rather ingenious. Much like the other two powerhouses in the music gaming world, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Rocksmith features popular songs,

Community Invites (blog)

WI Community Event- You’re Invited!

From WI Guru, Rita Mortenson and WI DEN STAR Cathy Houchin: Join us at the Apple Store in the West Towne Mall, Madison, WI on Saturday, February 20 at 8:00 a.m. to learn how the iPad can be used in the classroom and for professional development purposes. Specifically, you will learn how to record, edit and