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Coming Soon: New Digital Resources for Phelps vs. Shark

What scientific factors would help decide a race between the Olympic Games’ most accomplished swimmer and the world’s most efficient predator? In August, students and teachers will be able to explore this question and more when Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White comes to Science Techbook™ and Discovery Education Streaming Plus. As five-time

Why True STEM Learning Begins at Home

By Jonathan Gerlach — International Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives, Discovery Education Though there has been an increased focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills recently, the ideals of STEM education were a recurring priority in education years before the term was first coined by the National Science Foundation in 2001. In the

How to Reach Middle Schoolers By Mastering the Four C’s

By Margaret Ferry The middle school years can be among the toughest for teachers, administrators, and the students themselves. While there’s no easy formula to apply for dealing successfully with this complicated group of adolescents, surviving  — and thriving — in the middle school years may lie not in mastering the 3 R’s of reading,

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July 2017: Using fidget spinners to target literacies

  Fidget spinners were the end-of-school-year passion for students. A fidget spinner is a small device, usually with three “arms” and a ball bearing center. The basic spin has the user holding the fidget spinner between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and spinning it with the other hand. The ball bearing in the

SOS Story: East Elementary SOS Challenge

This week’s SOS story comes to us via Jessica Zepik, the DEN Ambassador Lead for South Madison Community Schools in Pendleton, IN.  Jessica shared that the South Madison Community Schools Director of Instruction and Staff Development challenged teachers across the district to see which school could have the most participation in this spring’s Discovery Education SOS 6-week challenge.  East Elementary won the challenge, and are excited to receive the district reward of funding to go toward developing a Makerspace in their elementary library!  Four of the teachers from East Elementary have shared how they used SOS strategies to win this exciting challenge.